The Daredevil

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One of the big things I’ve been trying to do in the past year is to make sure I have new experiences, make new memories. When I hurt my back and wasn’t able to leave the house I decided I was going to do things that put me out of my comfort zone, and instead […]

Life Goals

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This may come as a shock to some, and not a shock to a lot, but I’m a very goals-oriented person. I love tangible results. Things I can see, feel, marks I can physically check off on a to-do list. January hasn’t been great for meeting the goals I wanted to, for the month, but […]

The Excitement

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Starting a new book is my favorite part of writing. I get to delve into new characters, re-visit old ones, and give a new couple their happily ever after. The happily ever after is important to me. I tend to write the end first. I’m weird like that, I write most of my books all […]

Enigma is Live!!

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This is it! The moment I wait for as an author. Sometimes it’s weeks in the making, sometimes it’s years, or maybe months. It’s release week! Enigma is a full-length LSERT book I’ve been working on since roughly October. My writing/editing time for full-length books is usually three to four months. I ended up finishing […]

The Week Before A Release!

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Next Friday, I’ll release my 36th full-length novel. Thirty-sixth!  It never gets easier, I’m always super nervous the week reading into release. I anxiously check advanced reader reviews, hoping that most of them are good. For Enigma, thankfully they are. The reviews are very good, and for that I’m thankful. It feels like a while since […]

2019 Wrap-Up

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With the new year approaching, I’m feeling sentimental and looking back on all the things that happened this year. My year was one of the weirdest I’ve ever had. January started out with one of the best months I’ve ever had in my author career. My friends and I hit the USA Today with an […]