Twenty Years…

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To my Dad… I remember moments about the night of November 2nd, 1999 so clearly they could have happened yesterday. When I saw Mom coming up the back deck, I knew, I knew you were gone. She didn’t have to tell me. I was surprised, even though I shouldn’t have been. Because the night you’d […]

Paperless Post

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There are two things I’m constantly trying to do in my line of work. Avoid clutter. Find new ways to reach readers. When I was approached by Paperless Post to try out their products, I was intrigued. Once I started looking around their website and playing with their features, I realized it would check both […]

Summer 2019

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So far this year has been one of the best and weirdest in my life, all at the same time. Everything, however seems to be leveling out – thankfully! I have big plans for the rest of the summer. Late June/Early July – the second book of the Midnight Cove Series will be dropping! It […]

Renegade Sneak Peek

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Renegade releases March 9th, 2017 on all platforms. This is an extended sneak peek of the first two chapters. Warning…these two are combustible from the word go! This is a NSFW version, and you should probably read this at home. Enjoy & preorder to make you sure you get it on release day!   Renegade Chapter […]

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Here is your requested letter from Trick to Hadley!  Enjoy & Happy Valentine’s Day! Hadley, Valentine’s Day #4! In some ways it still feels like it’s the first one, seeing as how I never expected you to come into my life. And when you did, I in no way expected you to stay. I think […]

2017 – The Year Ahead

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2017 – A year of excitement, changes, and me being the best version of ME I can be! This past year has been hard, both personally and professionally. A learning year, more than anything. I found out I enjoy working a lot more by myself than I thought I would. So much of the past […]

2016 – Year In Review

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Year Twenty-Sixteen will go down in the record books for me, as a year of firsts. First year I didn’t work a full-time day job. FIRST TIME I SAW AVENGED SEVENFOLD!!!!!! I was able to support my household on my writing income for the first time ever. I had my first surgery. My first hospital […]


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With the week of Thanksgiving upon us, I think we all look around at what we have and think about how thankful we are. There’s a lot I’m thankful for this year – my health, great friends, an awesome family, an amazing readership, and the ability to run a business from my home. What I’m […]