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The Laurel Springs Emergency Response Team Box Set #1

The Laurel Springs Emergency Response | Books 1-4

When the Moonshine Task Force is absorbed into a new entity, Laurel Springs Emergency Response Team (LSERT) new faces come to town, new love is born, old love is found again, and there’s a plethora of drama and romance happening all over the tri-county area. LSERT puts police, firefighters, nurses, doctors, K-9 handlers, and EMT’s all in harm’s way as they work to keep the area safe from any threat.

Emotions run high, passions ignite.

Come with me, back to Laurel Springs, in what's sure to be a wild ride!

In this four-book collection of hot cops and EMT's, known as the Laurel Springs Emergency Response Team you'll get a friends-to-lovers romance, a second-chance romance, forced proximity, and a marriage of convenience.

Ransom: When emergency K-9 handler Ransom comes to Stella’s rescue, she’s determined to thank him for his heroism — and finds herself caught in a firestorm of passion! A swoon-worthy romance that stars an irresistible alpha.

Suppression: Due to his tough childhood, Nick always preferred to keep his emotions carefully contained — including his feelings for his childhood friend Kelsea. But a drunken night at his best friend’s wedding brings them closer than ever, and now Nick will have to decide whether to let his guard down or lose Kelsea for good…

Enigma: Karsyn and Tucker have undeniable chemistry, but their complicated shared history has always kept them apart. When a kidnapping brings Karsyn’s childhood secrets to the surface, Tucker knows he’ll do anything to protect the woman he loves…

Cutter: Dispatched to the wreckage of Hurricane Tatum, Cutter meets a woman who has had enough sadness to last her a lifetime. Working together, they confess all their secrets and heal themselves in ways they never thought possible.

Bonus Content is over 30,000 words!

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The Moonshine Task Force Series Box Set

The Moonshine Task Force | Books 1-6

Nobody writes blue-collar heroes like Laramie Briscoe...

From USA Today and Wallstreet Journal bestselling author comes a steamy series of love, devotion, and finding family in the friends we surround ourselves with.

Small town Laurel Springs, Alabama is home to a specialized group of men tasked with taking out the illegal moonshine business running rampant. High school classrooms, field parties, and the local Café aren’t immune to the lawlessness sweeping the town.

Luckily for the residents, they can count on the six men who have vowed to keep them safe. Some would run away from danger. They run toward it. There’s nothing too small or to big when it comes to how they respond. It’s always with respect.

While they put their lives on the line, the women they love keep the fire burning and stand behind them whenever needed.

A one-night stand results in a big surprise, a car accident offers a second chance at love, a marriage of convenience leads to real romance, a divorcee gets her shot at happiness, a single dad finds someone to share his life with, and the son learns what true love means! Meet the men of the Moonshine Task Force in this delicious series.

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The Moonshine Task Force Collection Vol. 2

The Moonshine Task Force | Books 3-6

Meet the series that's sweeter than tea and hotter than an Alabama summer day!

In the second volume of this collection of hot cops, known as the Moonshine Task Force you'll get a second-chance romance, a single-dad finding love, and a son growing into a man.

Ace - A second-chance romance featuring a hot cop not caring about a ring on Violet's finger. Rescuing her becomes his number one priority when her life is turned upside down.

Menace - Teacher Karina is shocked when her sexy one-night stand turns out to be the single dad of one of her students. But Menace is determined to show her just how hot their connection can get.

Cruise - The kid is now a man and he's got something to prove. The newest member of the MTF is doing his best to make his dad proud. Especially when all hell breaks loose in their small-town and he rises to the occasion.

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The Moonshine Task Force Collection

The Moonshine Task Force Series | Book 1-3

Meet the series that's sweeter than tea and hotter than an Alabama summer day!

In this three-book collection of hot cops, known as the Moonshine Task Force you'll get an age-gap surprise pregnancy, a second-chance romance, and a marriage of convenience.

Renegade - When older-woman, Whitney, allows herself a one-night-stand with her younger brother's best friend, neither one expect for it to have life-long consequences.Ê

Tank - EMT Blaze is heart-broken when she responds to one of the worst car accidents she's ever seen. Everything changes when she realizes the man inside is the one she's never been able to forget.

Havoc - Team leader, Havoc, can't stand to see the despair in Leighton Strather's eyes when he's forced to arrest her. It hits him so hard in the gut, he knows the only thing he can do to protect her from her family, is marry her.

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Heaven Hills Shorts Collection

The Heaven Hills Shorts Collection | 1-10

From USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author comes the box set you must read before "Hollow".

Trust Laramie Briscoe to provide engaging characters in a well-built world I want to revisit again and again. Carly Phillips, NY Times bestselling author.

All of the Heaven Hill Shorts Series in one collection!

1. Caelin
2. Christine
3. Justice
4. Harley
5. Jagger
6. Charity
7. Liam
8. Drew
9. Dalton
10. Mandy

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Heaven Hill Series Box Set

Heaven Hill | Books 1-4

Get the first four books in the best-selling Heaven Hill Series in one box set.

Book #1 – Meant To Be

Single Mother Denise Cunningham meets her match when Heaven Hill VP Liam Walker convinces her to do a job for the club. Once she’s in, she’s not sure if she’ll ever want to get out.

Book #2 – Out of Darkness

Fan favorite Tyler Blackfoot helps rape survivor an ex-reporter Meredith Rager find her way to womanhood again.

Book #3 – Losing Control

Strip club waitress Bianca Hawks needs a mechanic in a bad way – good thing Heaven Hill member Jagger Stone is more than willing to offer his services.

Book #4 – Worth The Battle

Military veteran and newly patched Heaven Hill member Layne O’Conner struggles with PTSD and the return to civilian life when his first love, movie starlet, Jessica Shea asks for his help in getting her out of the public eye.

All books are novel-length and combined they have over 295 five-star reviews! Bought separately all four books would be over $11! Get this while you can!