Enigma is Live!!

This is it! The moment I wait for as an author. Sometimes it’s weeks in the making, sometimes it’s years, or maybe months. It’s release week!

Enigma is a full-length LSERT book I’ve been working on since roughly October. My writing/editing time for full-length books is usually three to four months. I ended up finishing this one slightly earlier than normal, and I feel like I’ve been waiting forever to get it to all of you! It’s been so hard to keep the secret about what’s happening in this book, not to tell anyone much more than teasers. I’m the type of person who can’t keep a damn secret. My husband already knows what I got him for Valentine’s Day. Writing ahead has been a test of patience!

But it was nice, at the same time. I promised myself last year I would take my time with things this year. I would do my big releases right, and I wouldn’t rush things. It’s made a huge difference in not only the response from “Enigma”, but in how I dealt with this release. I wasn’t all over the place, doing my newsletter on Wednesday night before it releases on a Friday. I had it done a week early! Hopefully almost seven years into this I’m learning my own process, and what works for me to write the very best books I can. I’m committed to doing those things this year, and I’m super excited for 2020!

With all my books, I always have some sort of idea about the story, and where it’s going to go. Every single one I write has a piece of my interest, and something from me, in each of them. Enigma benefited from my recent love of true crime podcasts.

Somewhere around September maybe, I was introduced to the Crime Junkies – and since then, I have listened to more true crime podcasts than I care to admit to. Having said that, it’s no surprise the big twist in this book occurs in a true crime kind of way. It was nice to write something different than what I normally do, and a few people have messaged me saying they liked an unusual approach.

Those messages make me very excited, because Cutter’s story – the fourth in the series – will also be touching on something I haven’t written about before. Hurricanes, and how it affects first responders.

Look for Cutter in June!


Enigma is Live! 

From Wall-Street Journal & USA Today bestselling author, Laramie Briscoe, comes a new book in her Laurel Springs Emergency Response Team Series.


It’s not how we make mistakes, but how we correct them that defines us…

Karsyn Fallaway

Tucker didn’t stop my car as it drove away from his house that summer night, and the sting of rejection hasn’t gone away.

Over a year has gone by, and I find myself looking for him in all the places he’d been before. It doesn’t help, he’s still an enigma I have yet to figure out.

My friends are the only thing holding me together. Work is the one thing keeping my mind busy. Until my life threatens to tear completely apart.

Tucker Williams

She drove away and my pride wouldn’t allow me to stop her. A year later, regret keeps me up at night, forcing me to replay the moment in my head.

Working with the K-9’s is the only thing keeping me going. Becoming close with the former MTF is a perk I hadn’t counted on.

When a child is kidnapped, all the hard feelings have to be put aside to save a life. Secrets are unearthed, and this time as Karsyn threatens to break, I know I’m the one to put her back together.

-> Enigma is a full-length novel in the Laurel Springs Emergency Response Series. It combines my love of cops, K-9’s, and true crime all in one hot second-chance romance! <-

Amazon -> http://kindlel.ink/Enigma
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Goodreads -> https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/48392908-enigma

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Thank you so much for making this release, one of the best of my career!