Happy Valentine’s Day!

Here is your requested letter from Trick to Hadley!  Enjoy & Happy Valentine’s Day!


Valentine’s Day #4! In some ways it still feels like it’s the first one, seeing as how I never expected you to come into my life. And when you did, I in no way expected you to stay. I think every one of them will feel this way, because I’ll never take it for granted.

I’m sitting here in our son’s nursery. It’s quiet and this is my favorite time of the morning. The apartment is dead, except for me and my over-active imagination. He woke up not too long ago, even at almost a year old he’s too inquisitive to sleep through the night. Sometimes I’m not sure he’ll make it longer than six hours at a time, he’s so scared life will go on without him, that Sprite will do something he can’t do. Always so busy and having to be in the middle of every damn thing. I can’t wait to get him on the back of my bike (when he’s old enough!).

Part of me can’t believe you slept through him crying on his monitor, the other part is super proud because that means I wore you out last night. Time alone is hard to get these days, and I love that we cherish it. I appreciate you take the initiative to make it happen.

Looking at him, I see you. Every piece of you in him. I know you see me in him, but in both our kids, I see the best. And those parts are all you, babe. I’m lucky to have you in my life and they’re lucky to call you mom.

I’m taking Sprite to school, I’m taking Little Man to daycare, and I want you to use the massage gift certificate I’m leaving you on the counter. I’m telling the school you’re picking up Sprite early so you two can go get matching mani’s and pedi’s, because that’s a thing for her now. Jesus Christ, babe, stop her from growing up on us.

Little Man and I will meet you tonight with dinner. He’ll be the cute one slobbering all over everything and I’ll be the one that can’t take my eyes off you.


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  1. Oh man…that’s the best damned Valentines Day letter I have ever read!!! Melted my heart and brought tears to my eyes…Wow I will never get enough of your books…Thank you for bringing happiness to my life

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