Life Goals

This may come as a shock to some, and not a shock to a lot, but I’m a very goals-oriented person. I love tangible results. Things I can see, feel, marks I can physically check off on a to-do list.

January hasn’t been great for meeting the goals I wanted to, for the month, but I’ve learned sometimes I have to give myself grace. Accepting what I used to perceive as failure has been hard. I’ve had to realize instead of saying I failed, reshape what I didn’t accomplish and tell myself it’s okay. Start over with a brand new day, and make that one the best I can.

That lesson has been YEARS in the making. Used to be, I’d let what I perceived as a failure stop me completely in my tracks and it would take days, sometimes weeks for me to recover from it. Now, I’ve learned the best thing is to keep pushing through.

With the ‘tangible results’ part of my personality, I’ve come up with some stretch goals in the next five years, that I would love to accomplish. I’m reaching high and to things that may seem out of reach, but these are dreams I would love to turn into reality!

  • Be completely debt free
  • Have the option of living in a different city every year
  • Have the option to work when I want, instead of when I need
  • Own a Range Rover
  • Own a vacation home
  • Be at and be maintaining my goal weight

We’re going into the second month of a new year, a new decade, there’s no reason you can’t make some goals now. Hard work will be the name of the game and not getting complacent.  I have a bad habit of getting complacent, so I hope having these kinds of goals will motivate me through those times in the next five years.

What would your stretch goal be?