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Book 5 in the Rockin’ Country Series


Reaper and Harmony have enjoyed being Garrett and Hannah since their respective tours ended. They’ve become closer, learned to live as a married couple, and been successful in keeping relevant without having their faces on the covers of tabloids. Raising their eighteen-month-old son is the highlight of both their lives.

Now that they’ve settled into a routine, Hannah misses the studio, and decides to give Harmony one more shot. Neither she nor Garrett are prepared for the sheer popularity their marriage and the birth of their child has given them as a couple. When the album drops, it sets forth a series of events neither one of them are prepared for.

To everyone’s surprise Harmony Stewart becomes more of a household name, has a pop number one, and gets way in over her head with commitments.

When the success, the pressure, and the fame all get to be too much, it doesn’t take her long to realize there’s only one title she’s ever wanted to have.

Reaper’s Girl

Warning – This is the steamiest Reaper & Harmony book written!


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