The Excitement

Starting a new book is my favorite part of writing. I get to delve into new characters, re-visit old ones, and give a new couple their happily ever after. The happily ever after is important to me. I tend to write the end first.

I’m weird like that, I write most of my books all out of order, which is why I’m glad I have such a good editor, alphas, betas, and proofreader. There typically aren’t any plot holes in my books. Sometimes there are typos, but my the story itself is typically tight.

Once I know how my book is going to end, I turn back to the beginning and write the hook. My all-time favorite beginning is “Renegade” – overall I feel like my strongest beginnings are the MTF and the LSERT series. The beginnings of these books are everything I look for in a reader. There needs to be something to pull me in, to make me want to turn the page. I hate info dumps right at the beginning.

I’m the type of person who likes dialogue to start my books off, so that’s how I tend to write them.

What’s your favorite way for a book to start? Dialogue or info dump?

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