2017 – The Year Ahead

2017 – A year of excitement, changes, and me being the best version of ME I can be!

This past year has been hard, both personally and professionally. A learning year, more than anything. I found out I enjoy working a lot more by myself than I thought I would. So much of the past almost four years, I’ve spent in this business, I’ve spent trying to help other people. I wanted to help them achieve their dreams, maybe I could help them by doing an anthology for all of us, maybe I could help by doing a self-publishing class, maybe I could help by never saying ‘no’. It really hit me late last year and early this year – I might be helping everyone else, but no one was helping me and I wasn’t helping myself. Purposely I stepped back, and for the last six months, I’ve been concentrating on me, and what can make me better professionally. In the beginning of next year, I’m doing the same personally. I’m very excited to see what next year is going to bring.

New Releases

  1. First up next year is TRICK – January 13th! If you’ve read any of my other work….Trick is Liam and Tyler rolled into one, with the dirty mouth of Sketch. Reviews have started coming in the past few days, and I’m happy to say, I think it’s going to be a hit!  It’s available exclusively at Amazon in the Kindle Unlimited program until April. In April, I’ll release wide!  To purchase, just click the link! Coming Soon
  2. Next up is Book 1 in the Moonshine Task Force Series. Renegade – March 9th!
  3. I’ll follow in regular intervals with books 2, 3, and 4 of the Moonshine Task Force Series. Those are all available for exclusive pre-order at iBooks right now! They can purchased by clicking the link on Trick as well.
  4. Sometime towards the end of 2017 I hope to either give you a release date to Remy and Tatum’s book, or maybe even a surprise release. It just depends on how things go!


  • In March I’ll be at Booking in Biloxi.
  • In June I’ll be at the Cleveland Author Event.
  • In July I’ll be at Kiss and Tell.

Those are my only events for next year, unless something pops up very close to home! Next year, I plan on giving you all the best stories you can get, while enjoying a vacation or two that doesn’t revolve around an author event!  I’m really, kind of excited!



  • Towards the end of next year, I will be re-covering The Rockin’ Country Series. So if you love the covers that are on them now, you probably want to make sure you have them.
  • I’ll be looking to get a few more audio books out for all of you.
  • And if the year goes well, I may have a few surprises up my sleeve.


What are your goals? Hopefully we can all hit them together in the new year!