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Broken Falls  Series | Book 4

Barrett Grant is wild AF with hips he knows how to use, and he’s also eleven years younger than me…


Get Baked is the culmination of every dream I had as a twenty-something. A dream my ex-husband stomped like a bug beneath the tip of his expensive Italian leather shoe. When I left with nothing more than my dignity and a vintage stand mixer I found at a thrift store, all I wanted was to be happy. Promised myself I wouldn’t settle until that happened.

Years later, it’s finally happening in the small town of Broken Falls, WV. My dreams are coming true, my happiness is so close I can reach out and touch it.

But my secrets? They won’t stay buried forever. Especially where Barrett Grant is concerned.


I messed up big time with Gabby, the hot, older, owner of Get Baked. I had no business swiping right if I wasn’t going to take our relationship and her feelings seriously. When I reacted badly to a waitress who questioned if she was my mother, I should’ve let it go. 

But I didn’t, and now I can’t. Not when I miss the f*ck out of her, and lost a year off my life the night Get Baked was broken into. This time, I promise myself, I’ll give us the shot we should’ve gotten the first time.

If only she gives me a second chance.