Paperless Post

There are two things I’m constantly trying to do in my line of work.

  1. Avoid clutter.
  2. Find new ways to reach readers.

When I was approached by Paperless Post to try out their products, I was intrigued. Once I started looking around their website and playing with their features, I realized it would check both my boxes.

Paperless Post is a website used to send email based invitations, save the dates, flyers, and all those other things you typically send snail mail. The good news about this?

  • There’s no stock to keep track of.
  • All of my emails ended up in the correct email inbox.
  • The cost was prohibitive, cheaper than postage.
  • This stuff is cute!

As an author who wants readers to get my messages, the biggest plus for me is that everything I sent went into the inbox. It bypassed the ‘spam’ and ‘promotions’ tabs that the most popular email services use today.

Another thing it saved? My hands. I didn’t have to physically write in the cards, I was able to type it, load a pre-set of my mailing list into the software, and send it that way.

It saved me time, which we all know is money.

I’m also someone who enjoys ‘cute’ stationary, and I love Kate Spade. The cards I chose to send out to my mailing list, announcing my new book were Kate Spade, and every response I got was OMG HOW CUTE!

The only thing missing for me, was a link that I could direct the readers too, and maybe that was user error. I’ll definitely be researching it a bit more. On a scale of 1-10, I give this a 9, and if you’re an author looking for outside the box ways to make sure you get into your readers inboxes, this is definitely a service I would give a try!

Of if you aren’t an author, and you’re trying to figure out a way to send those Christmas Cards this year without spending hours licking envelopes, addressing, and buying postage. This is the way to go!

The card I sent to my readers!

Thank you Paperless Post for giving me the opportunity to try out your products, I will definitely be a repeat customer!



FTC: I was given coins by Paperless Post to try out their product, but all views are my own!