a standalone novel

"What I want you to do, Isabella, is find out what his real name is..."
Those were the words spoken to me when I sat down to learn about my final grade in college.
They not only shocked me, but changed the trajectory of my life.
Shadows Sampson has always been bigger than life on the campus of our college. Most of the time seemed as if he's older than the rest of us. Like he carries the weight of the world on his shoulders.
When I get close? I find out there's more to it than I ever bargained for.
And when the truth comes out; against my will - I hope I can get the forgiveness I so desperately want.
"You've gotta win this fight. We can't push rent back again..."
Those words from my sister's mouth put an exclamation point on how bad our situation is.
Especially after I lost the fight of my life. The one that was going to get us out of this apartment building, the one that was going to put us on a path we'd only dreamed about.
But me? I'd lost the fight, my confidence, and the motivation for the life I'd always wanted.
Until a baby I'd fathered was left at my doorstep, and a seriously hot girl from my college started paying attention to me. With that girl? I fall hard, only to find out I'm the subject of a story for her final grade.
Turns out, that's my motivation.
Quitting isn't an option. Not until my knuckles are bloody and not one person stands in the way of what I want.